Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't {NEED} another hobby!!

The last thing I need is ANOTHER hobby, but it looks like so much fun! So my friend Kris helped me with my first project (THANKS KRIS!!) Can I say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out? Now I'm having deams about going to the bead store and making all sorts of projects... uh oh!



jenalih said...

I totally know what you mean...W got me into beading and it is so much fun to create such pretty things to wear. I love what you made, it came out very beautiful.

Nancy said...

This is beautiful, and uh oh is right. I got started making a necklace a couple months ago and have made a bunch of jewlery since, and have made many trips to pick up new stuff to work with. This is a really fun hobby.

Judi said...

Beautiful jewelry Heather - I have seen some that has no "detail" at all - yours is beautiful! Judi

Froggy said...

beautiful!! wait until you branch out and start making beeded book thongs, neckaces, key fobs, cell phone charmes...even little pulls for jacket or purse zippers!! :)