Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cake Balls!

I have to thank my good friend Tara for introducing me to these fun little treats. if you thought cupcakes were cute, hold on to your seats! I *think* Tara got her recipe HERE from Pioneer Woman (someday I want to be just like her!!) She has lots of great tips so check her out (and the super cute cake pops too!)


Box Cake mix (any flavor)

Tub of frosting (any flavor)

melting chocolates or almond bark

Bake your cake as ususal.
Let cool for a couple of hours.
Then in a BIG bowl crumble the entire cake into bowl
Add tub of frosting and mush it all up (yes your hands are going to get icky & sticky!)

Now form the cake/icing mixture into small balls. (I used about a 1/4 scoop)
Place on a cookie sheet or in a pan and refridgerate for several hours or freeze for about an hour (so the balls are nice and firm)

Now the FUN part! Dip the balls in chocolate.

Here I made strawberry cake with Cream Cheese frosting and white chocolate coating. (the pretty pink drizzles is just food coloring added to the chocolate) And Devils food cake with chocolate frosting, and milk chocolate coating with white chocolate drizzles.

You can put the finnished balls in pretty candy papers add a nice box, or tin for gift giving or just eat them straight from the pan!
they are really easy to make, but do take some time, but they are worth it!!

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Carollee said...

Pioneer Woman got them from Bakerella. You should check out her blog, she is AMAZING!!!! She does all kinds fo cool cake pops for all the holidays. I love these things!