Monday, August 3, 2009

Little sewing project

My Daughter attended a local quilt show with my Grandma & I over the weekend. At the show she "won" some fabric scraps. She was so inspired that she wanted to come home & make a purse with her new treasures. We dusted off the sewing machine, dug through Mom's scrapbook stash of ribbons, flowers and buttons and this is what we came up with.

Super simple, (even if it did take me two hours to complete-and Abby was bored with helping with the sewing machine foot peddle after about a 1/2 hour...) Super cute, and we are both Super proud.



1 comment:

Kelly Zimm said...

You rock, Heather!
This has completely inspired me to dust off my sewing machine and get Kassidy involved; she would love it. I remember being her age and watching my mom sew for hours on end...
Thanks for the inspiration!
Oh, and seriously...could Abby be any cuter?!!