Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Special Olympics

It was so exciting to have the Special Olympics World Winter games held right here in Boise (and around Idaho). Of course we had to take advantage of checking out some of the events and activities, its not often the olympics are held right where you live!

Its hard to put in words, but it was amazing how people just would stop and smile at Matthew. The olympics brought with them such a beautiful understanding, of the sometimes frustrating world of special needs.

Who knows, maybe someday we'll be cheering in the stands for not just Team USA, but for Mattew...

Team USA, geting their silver

watching floor Hockey

Matthew & the Olympic Mascott

"Be a Fan" pointing out Mattew's signature

Ice Sculpture

The Torch
We enjoyed visiting Dwontown for some hands on events. the kids (esp. mattew) had a blast learning how to play floor hockey. They also got to play wii bowling and foozball with other athleets from all aroun the world. We got to see the torch up close, along with lots of other neat things.

Then we got to watch some floor hocky games and saw Team USA win their silver medals (and no I couldn't help but to tear up). We missed seeing speed skating by just a hair, but got to learn how to play curing - that was really neat. Over all it was a fun week!

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Susan said...

Lucky Ducks!! We love the Special Olympics! Tell me, what was Matthews favorite event?