Monday, July 6, 2009


I have been having fun creating some watermarks for friends recently. I thought I would share some of my recent work. What's a watermark you ask? It is a digital "stamp" to put on your images, so as things get passed around the web your info will always remain on the photo. Watermarks are commonly used on photography images and on photos of original craft projects.

To see My watermark and my friend Kris's watermark click HERE

Need a cute/elegant/profesional watermark? I'd be happy to create one for you for $5.00 or I can always be bribed with scrapping/stamping goodies, or even just chocolate! LOL


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Nate and Lana Hope said...

Hey stranger! How have you been? I've been gone for a while and when I came back I had sooo many of your post to read! Loved them!
1.L-O-V-E the photography of Lisa and the wedding! Soooo awesome!
2. The cards are great! You are always sooo creative! And happ 4th to you too!
3. Summer Bingo! What a great idea! Let me know if thye earn a day at the park with some friends!! :) My kids would LOVE it!
4. Your ice cream cake looks so yummy! I definately DO NOT have the patience you have! Wish I did!
5. I LVOE your watermarks! I would LOVE one! I just take pictures every once a while when people ask. Lately it's been a lot. Before I have you make one though, how do I use it? Is it something I could have on my computer and then copy paste? Let me know if it's easy, if it is, I sure do want one! :)