Friday, January 16, 2009

My First Digi LO!

I swore I'd never ever go there... (yet I said the same about going digital w/ a camera years ago too). Well, my Mom's BDay was last week and were headed out of town for a visit (and Z's bible quiz meet) so I had to get a gift done.

Tara, my amazing friend took this family shot of us at Christmas and I knew I needed to do something w/ this pic for a gift, since my Mom hasn't even seen the photos yet! And this morning (nothing like the last minute huh?) I had this brilliant idea...I should do it digital!

Honestly it took me longer to get an inspiration and find a digi kit that worked than it did to actually create it! I think after web surfing & downloading kits, the whole process took less than 45 minutes! (for the record I don't think I have EVER scrapped a LO tradditonally in 45 minutes. No matter HOW simple!)

So here you have it my very first ever digi LO... think it might be the first of many to come??? Hummm, you never know.... :0)

{credits} Colors of Day by belindascraps & Cupids Cottage by Digiscrapalicious both kits can be found at {font} Book Antique




mamachele said...

So cute and I am glad you had fun doing it!

April said...

Love it Heather! Great job!

PaperMagnet said...

cute, girl!

I want to play with paper sooooo bad.
But I have company coming!

cjknick said...

I love what you created and know your mom will, too. But don't forget I fully expect you to continue doing traditional scrappin'!


jenalih said...

You did fabulous! Careful it is a bit addictive, though there is still nothing quite like paper and adhesive.

"Hands to Work, Hearts to God" said...

Great job!

Marge Sexton said...

This is so Beautiful, I'm sure that your Mom loved it. I've said the same thing, but I am so very ready to give digital scrapbooking a try. I think I would get much more completed. This has given me inspiration.....great picture too.
Thank for sharing!
BTW..this was my first visit to your blog, a friend sent me the link...Thanks!