Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 365/Jan 1-10

Project 365, if you don't know, is basiclly a journal thought the year in pictures. As a scrapbooker I plan to use these pictures to create monthly LO's, so at the end of the year we can reflect back on all our memories big & SMALL. I plan to post each weeks pictures here, in hopes that I will stay commited to this project throught the year. I'm already a little behind... (blame that on getting myself organized!) but here are the first 10 days of January...

1.New Years Eve with friend Liz 2. the ice cream incident.... 3. cropping with friends 4. cleaning and organizing (got all the board games together and in a new home!)

5. Let it snow, let it snow 6. sick-blah 7. catching up on some reading 8. My sister, Sara, who helped me install my new entertainment center (yipee!)

9. coffee with a good friend 10. scrapping projects
One thing I have learned is I need to remember to take my camera with me when I go places! (I wish I got a pic of me & my freiend out having coffee- but getting a pic of the cup had to work...) Want to join me in this quest? Its not to late! I'm sure you have pictures from the last few days, think about some of the things you did-even from your daily routines and go take a few shots to fill in. And make sure to share with me your pictures, I'd love to see them!!


Tara said...

great photos! I love the one of zack reading. I haven't decided if I'm going to post my 365 stuff on my blog or not...

cjknick said...

Picture 10. LOVE the way that cover turned out. Really close to your inspiration. Beautiful!